Bold Vision

I played clarinet in middle school for one term. I didn’t like my music teacher so never practiced and didn’t feel engaged in learning to play the instrument.

I’ve had one piano lesson that didn’t go very well because I had had a few cocktails and wasn’t as studious as I could be.

At this point I don’t know if I would have the mindspace to hold all of the information that goes with learning a new instrument from scratch.

I would, however be willing to try something seemingly simple like the Theremin. It is one of my favorite instruments from back when I saw Portishead live in Atlanta, a week before Roseland, to Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at The Milk Bar in Jacksonville circa 1997’ish.

The theremin was invented in the 1920’s and has a distinctive sound. If you are interested in learning more about this badass instrument here is the link to eHow. It starts with The History of The Theremin and gives you additional videos about how the Theremin works, how to play it and how to amplify its sound for live shows.



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