1: All paths lead to Radiohead live.

I have a friend who was lucky enough to see them live in New Orleans in April and I have to admit I am not a jealous type of person, but I had paigns of envy when she was describing the fact that she was going to have that experience. I am confident, however, that my day will come and I will have the opportunity to experience what my and oddly enough, so many of my ex-boyfriends, would consider one of the best bands to ever exist as a whole organism and individually as musicians, live.

2: I have come to realize that anything directed by P.T. Anderson is good for balancing things out. Your mood. The energy in a room. The tension of a situation. The overall vibe of a particular moment. Can all be evened out with one of P.T. Andersons films and/or music videos.

3: A friend said a wonderful thing to me recently when I was creating a gallery wall in my apartment.

After sending her a picture of the horrendous 5th draft where I had already pounded no less than 16 nails into the wall, she said that I needed to:

“balance it out so that it makes sense to the eye.”

Balance it out, was exactly what I needed to do with some spackle, a sanding block and a can of white paint. So that it didn’t look like I went crazy pounding nails in the wall like Charlie on It’s Always Sunny…

makes sense. to the. eye.

I have applied this advice to mean balance in a general sense should make sense to the



4: Speaking of balancing, I have been loving my Manduka PRO Yoga Mat which I bought at the suggestion of a Yogi friend from MBody Yoga in Jacksonville. This was, after having a slip & slide experience with a cheap mat I bought in a pinch at Walmart for a Bikram Yoga class where the room is heated to 90 degrees.

My practice improved once I got the Manduka Mat and even though I’m not at a class,  I keep my mat rolled out in my writing area for when I feel the urge to strike a pose.

5: If you need a moment of balancing feel free to use one of the links below to view a music video on YouTube that should help/ with evening things out.

As of today 8/14/17 the list includes:

Joanna Newsom – Divers

Radiohead – Present Tense

Fiona Apple – Hot Knife 

liv – Dream Awake

6: One of the many things I learned while working at Dyson was that Ideas lead to progress.

When you have an idea, or a creative urge follow it.

Flow is the most important element to a user experience and it may be important to remove blockages to let the air, the music, your yoga practice or the simple concept of  energy flow.

7: I am still reading the Artist’s Way Series Series by Julia Cameron and am doing my daily exercise of 3 pages or 300 words, whichever happens first, per day. It is like a meditation for me to empty my brain first thing in the morning and open space for a little more creativity.

I also love the phrase I learned from Sadie Nardini in her “Creating Freedom” video on YouTube. She said the most amazing thing I have heard in awhile.

“Press open space for your dreams…”

Like erasing all the paint off of a canvas to end up with a blank canvas with lots of space for new creation.

Love, love love that phrase. “Press open space for your dreams.”

8. While I love silence, I have been listening to a lot of music lately and this: Liv – Heaven, tune is great for getting started writing in the morning.

Each time I listen to it something new will catch my attention and make me feel inspired.

“…walking barefoot in the rain…”

As far as anthropological field notes go, or for meeting minutes, I guess that’s all for now.

I hope everyone is having a great August.

Best Regards,


p.s. check out this Computer Emotions Mix of Coldplay’s MAGIC, I’m  a bit addicted to it and added it to all of my YouTube Playlists, which if you’re interested you can check out my collections: HERE