Tiffany Giammona earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Print Journalism  with a minor in Anthropology from The University of North Florida. While in attendance she also wrote for the college  newspaper The Spinnaker. During one writing class a professor said that she had “comma-itis,” which is thought to be an apropos description of her contemptuous relationship with punctuation.

The cross section of Journalism and Anthropology allowed her to study a wide range of topics in depth. With juxtaposed course work ranging from Film Theory and Mass Media to “The Evolution of Jazz,” and “The Great Age of Vienna,” the variety in topics added to an already diverse background.

During an internship with The Florida Times Union, Giammona processed emails and written communications for the local PBS station. The temporary position lead to a long term relationship with blogging and utilizing electronic forms of communication.

In her final term in college Giammona interned with The Museum of Modern Art, Jacksonville; where she wrote gallery guides and exhibit brochures for artists such as Arnold Mesches.

This was preceded by a Mass Media study abroad in London, England, where she visited and toured The BBC and London Times. The European adventure included a day and a half long trip to Paris, France, where despite having studied 2 years of French she got lost for 6 hours by herself.

After moving to Chicago, Illinois, Giammona wrote live band reviews for Windy City Records and worked for two years with non-profit independent film distributor Facets Multimedia. As Customer Care Agent Giammona assisted individual and wholesale consumers with their Film and DVD selections.

The 5 years that followed were spent as Online Team Lead for Dyson (the vacuum company) where she received two promotions and built a database of more than 500 original email, letter and chat templates. The span of time culminated with a summer spent as a Customer Care Agent for H&M and Giammona refers to the period as having “earned a Master’s Degree in Life.”

Among the journals she has kept since the age of 12, Giammona has also written:

  • Letters to Businesses
  • Letters from Businesses
  • Epic Texts
  • Live Band Reviews
  • Album Reviews
  • Annual Top 10 Lists
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Blog Posts
  • Notes to Friends
  • Tweets
  • Invitations
  • Gallery Guides
  • Business Cards
  • Mass Emails
  • Marketing Materials (brochures, fliers, pamphlets)
  • 25 page college papers (a.k.a. research papers)
  • Customer Service Communications
  • Resumes
  • Love letters
  • Yelp Reviews
  • this and more…

During the interim, Giammona did a brief stint on a web series called “Modern Black Sheep,” tried storytelling for about a year and a half and appeared on with Andrew W.K. and other commenters as TiffGiamm.

She currently lives in Chicago with her cat Stella and a collection of books & rocks.

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